Meet Natalie - Sponsored Athlete 2021

We are very excited to have Natalie in the team, take a look below to learn more about this super woman

I competed in my first show in 2017 with Pure Elite where I won my category and fell in love with the sport. I then took a full year out to grow and competed again with Pure Elite in 2018, again winning my category but then decided the fitness model style posing wasn't for me and decided to compete with PCA in bikini masters and had a very successful season which ended up with me becoming World Champion. In 2019 I then decided to change categories with PCA as I personally favour more muscle and condition and won my qualifying show in the Bikini Trained category and went on the placing 3rd at the British Finals. I also decided to dip my toes in the IFBB fed and placed well but feedback was I had to much muscle for bikini so 2021 is the year I will hopefully make my wellness debut J

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