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I am a UK's National Ms Finalist!

Literally can't believe I entered my very first pageant at age 32 and during a Global Pandemic LOL

I remember watching the Miss Spain finals at age 8, and telling to my mum"I am going to be a beauty Queen!" However the universe had other plans and I stopped growing at age 10, at 5foot tall. This made me too short to participate in any pageant in Spain and my dream was put on hold.

Until May 2020 when a friend of mine I met through bodybuilding told me, for the 100 time, that I should try a pageant. I decided to look it up and much to my surprise I saw that there was no heigh limit to enter in UK! I was too old already for any of the big 5 pageants, but I could enter a national pageant and fulfil my dream of being on stage in a gorgeous gown.

At first I entered Miss Pageant Girl UK that would be taking place in August 2020. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions still in place due to Covi-19, the pageant got postponed.

I was a bit devastated as I was really looking forward to the pageant, and even more devastated when my bodybuilding show was cancelled. At this point I had no goal to work towards :(

Lucky for me, Holly Pirrie (Pageant Girl UK director) decided to create a new system called UK's National Miss. This pageant was more for me! two day event that would made me feel I was competing at an International pageant, no height or age restriction, and the name UK National as part of the title.

I decided to enter and I got the UK's National Ms Cambridgeshire title and that si how my journey began.

I was a finalist during lockdowns, which meant all my appearances, until May 2021, were online. However, I had a fabulous time getting to know girls all over the UK through zoom meetings, Instagram messages, and calls :)

Here you can find my appearance book with all the work I did as a UK's National Ms finalist. In the next post, is all about THE FINALS NIGHT!

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